Pictures from the plot

It’s been a bumper produce weekend on the allotment. Despite the slow and wet start to the season everything is now doing well. So I won’t waffle on, I will let the pictures tell the story so far.

We are enjoying the fruits of our labour. I’m still amazed by the amount of lovely crops that we are picking. We’ve grow a few different things, Lemon cucumber, which does not taste of lemon at all. The jelly melon, very weird, not sure what that will taste like, will keep you posted on that.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their produce. x

On the plot

Life on the plot is very busy at the moment. Everything is growing very well. We are picking runner beans, french beans, purple french beans, beetroot, courgettes and our raspberries are still producing delicious fruits.

The tomatoes in our greenhouse at home are ripening, very slowly. The cucumbers have suddenly decided to go mad! I’ve also grown lemon cucumbers, not sure what they will taste like. For the first time ever, I have very respectable peppers.

With the surplus veg I have made the most amazing allotment relish. If you have a glut of courgettes,  has I do, relish uses a large amount of them.

It’s been a wonderful 1st year for us on the plot, growing your own is definitely rewarding. The taste and freshness alone are worth all of the hard work. Meeting other growers, swapping surplus produce and chatting about success or failure is great. I would recommend an allotment to anyone. I’m definitely in favour of the peace and stress free environment it provides.

I would also like to say a very big thank you to all of the other bloggers, you are an inspiration. I enjoy catching up with all of you.

Thank you


Bumper crops

It’s been a very busy few days here in Derbyshire. I’ve been desperate to update my blog but haven’t found the time, sorry. We went to a friend’s wedding at the weekend, a wonderful time was had by all. Sadly we said goodbye to a good friend on Thursday. He had a humanist funeral, it was a perfect way to say goodbye to Peter, you will be missed. Our allotment is feeding us and friends exceptionally well. We have lifted all of our early and second early potatoes, they are sorted and stored into hessian bags. The french beans, runner beans, peas, beetroot, cauliflower and courgettes are cropping very well. Our raspberries and red currants have been turned into jams and jellies.

We have had the last of the rhubarb and celery. Our neighbour Mick gave us a couple of artichoke heads to try…. not impressed, to much messing around for very little flavour. He said that he had tried them,  but decided they were better left to flower for the bees. I tend to agree with him. It’s also been a time of swap your surplus crops on the site, love it. We exchanged courgettes for gooseberries which have made a lovely jelly. Rasperries for red cabbage plants and brussel sprout plants. It’s such a lovely way to prevent wasted crops. We have also given another plot holder our surplus rhubarb, he’s going to turn it into orange and rhubard marmalade, sounds great.

I’ve been delighted with how things have grown on our plot. There have been a few mishaps, our first sowing of carrots did nothing! The swift early potatoes were poor croppers. The first sowing of swiss chard was pathetic and our peas haven’t been great. I’m not disheartened, I am already thinking about next year and maybe I will do a few things differently.

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I would like to thank all the lovely people who follow my blog, you are wonderful xx

I would also like to say how much I enjoy following other bloggers. It’s amazing what you all manage to pack into your busy lives.

Happy Birthday

It’s a week full of birthdays. My brother has his 50th today, lots of love and best wishes to him xxx. My blog is one tomorrow, happy birthday blog. I have enjoyed writing my blog, although sometimes it’s very difficult to find the time, I know I shouldn’t make excuses. My lovely allotment is also one tomorrow, happy birthday, thank you for all the pleasure you bring to me. And a very big thank you to all of the wonderful people who I have met through blogging, you really are a wonderful bunch.



Here are a few snap shots from the past year. Early days on the allotment. Flowers in my garden. Crops from our plot. Crafts I enjoy and days out.

If anyone else is enjoying a birthday this July, have a wonderful time. Bye for now x

Celebrations & spuds !

Wow,  what a busy few of weeks. Firstly we celebrated a couple of family members big birthdays. Jenny was 70, Liz was 40 and in a couple of weeks my brother will be 50. It’s one of those years, full of big events. Our parties aren’t large affairs but they are still lovely. It’s a shame the good old British weather isn’t being kinder.

Happy birthday to you all.


Life on our allotment has been a bit limited, mainly due to the weather. We have had a soaking quite a few times. Everything is growing remarkably well. We have lifted pounds and pounds of early potatoes. International Kidney are our current favourites, lovely flavour and a prolific cropper. Swift were a little disappointing, we think the tubers may have been poor. Ulster Sceptre have produced a good amount of unusually large potatoes! not sure why. Our broad beans have been fantastic, cropping very well.  The beetroot is starting to crop well. We continue to enjoy the rhubarb, and are still enjoying the odd crumble. The cabbages have started to heart up. Many of our neighbours plots have been struggling with their cabbages, they have been bolting!  Strawberries, raspberries, red currants, black currants and gooseberries are all beginning to crop. Courgettes seem to do well every year. My tomatoes are flowering and producing fruits. We need some sunshine to ripen them. Cucumbers are disappointing. I’m hoping it will begin to warm up and the sun will start to shine over the next few weeks.

Courgettes, rhubarb, cabbage and celery.
Courgettes, rhubarb, cabbage and celery.
International kidney
International kidney

I’ve eaten all of my jam from last years lovely fruits. I think I might be making some jam tomorrow. x

Classics & Kittens

Hello, sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog. Its been such a busy few weeks.The allotment is doing very well, a bit wet and soggy most of the time. We have started to benefit from all the hard work that we have put in over the last 12 months. We are enjoying our early potatoes, broad beans, beetroot and a few juicy strawberries.

The weekend was spent at my brother’s and his partner’s lovely new house in Knowle, Solihull. It’s the first time we have managed to get away to see them.


We had a lovely time, as always. We visited the National Motorcycle Museum, amazing. The place is a must for anyone interested in the history and heritage of our motorcycle past, present and future. My husband was in his element, his wish list was huge! I had to point out that he has no room for another motorcycle, I think two is enough.

Ahhhhh moment.

We have a new addition to the family…Florence.

My brother and his partner have adopted a beautiful kitten. Unfortunately they went to collect her on Sunday lunchtime after we had left them for our journey home. He has been very kind and kept me up to date with plenty of pictures.


I hope she has a long and happy life and brings them lots of love and joy.

Stormy weather!

The rain started last Friday here in Derbyshire. Although,  yesterday afternoon it finally stopped, briefly. We were eager to check on our allotment so we decided to make the most of a pause in the showers. Bad idea, as soon as we arrived on site it started to spit with rain, hoping it would pass we checked our crops, everything seems to have enjoyed the recent downpours. Suddenly the heavens opened, we had thunder, lightning and torrential rain! All I can say is… thank goodness we have a shed to shelter in. We stood and watched the deluge for about an hour before we could make a dash for home.

Definitely not singing in the rain


I hope everyone else is enjoying better weather.