Sunny Sunday

It’s been glorious here in Derbyshire today, sunshine throughout the day, wonderful. I’ve spent most of the morning on our allotment. Picking runner beans, french beans, courgettes the size of marrows and lifting a few of our main crop potatoes (Desiree).  Since we began our allotment adventure I have kept a diary, mainly to remind me of what to do and when. I’ve heard many, many people comment about the early arrival of Autumn! Looking back through my diary it seems we are a little early with some crops. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same.

A wheel barrow full of crops. Beetroot, Tomatoes, French beans, Purple french beans, Runner beans and Sweetcorn..

One thought on “Sunny Sunday

  1. The apples are early this year – not just mine but bigger enterprises such as the farm I volunteer at. They will be doing a juicing day this month, which is a tad weird.


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