Waffle, waffle



As you already know I’m new to crochet, so you can imagine my excitement when I learn a new stitch. Life on the allotment is slowing down as the season draws to an end, for us anyway. So, my thoughts have turned to Autumn and winter projects, I simply can’t sit and do nothing. Cushion covers, I am looking to create textured and interesting new covers. After looking at many, many blogs, I gained inspiration and chose waffle stitch ! Looks complicated. Amazing tutorials on you tube have helped me to crack this beautiful neat stitch, thank you to all the wonderful people who painstakingly show beginners like me how to achieve fantastic results. My cushion will be DK, stylecraft in mustard. Look out for my completed cushion, it may take a while. X

Sunny Sunday

It’s been glorious here in Derbyshire today, sunshine throughout the day, wonderful. I’ve spent most of the morning on our allotment. Picking runner beans, french beans, courgettes the size of marrows and lifting a few of our main crop potatoes (Desiree). ┬áSince we began our allotment adventure I have kept a diary, mainly to remind me of what to do and when. I’ve heard many, many people comment about the early arrival of Autumn! Looking back through my diary it seems we are a little early with some crops. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same.

A wheel barrow full of crops. Beetroot, Tomatoes, French beans, Purple french beans, Runner beans and Sweetcorn..

Food for thought

Early start on the allotment today. Picking produce made me think about how wonderful it is to grow your own. In our busy lives we take so much for granted. The ease with which we visit the supermarket to buy everything we need, want or feel we should have. Being on the allotment allows you to think as well as chat to others and share produce. If only we shared more in our lives.