Bumper crops

Wow, it’s that busy, busy time of year again. The months are flying by! The weather has been fantastic which encourages all the wonderful crops on our allotment to produce more. It’s our 3rd year on our allotment and boy it’s hard work but very rewarding. I still love every minute, whether it’s hot, cold, sunny, wet or windy. We have a fantastic group of plot holders on our site, admittedly we are the smallest allotment site in this area, only 20 plots. Our site is a haven of peace and calm most of the time, we do have little issues to deal with, mostly the constant discussion about the use of weed-killers! I am totally against the use of weed killers or pesticides. Why would anyone what to destroy our environment and not to mention spray an area in which you want to grow edible foods. I’m sure every allotment site faces constant discussions that not everyone can agree on. We usually put these to the vote and thankfully reach an amicable conclusion. I would love to hear other people’s experinences of allotment life. I hope that you are all enjoying the wonderful weather and if you are on your allotments I hope it’s a place of peace and joy.

Sue x