Sorry I’ve not been around

Apple tree blossom

I’m so sorry that I have not been blogging since the new year! It’s been a tough start to 2017. I’ve been really quite ill which is very unusual for me, but I am pleased to say things are improving gradually. My dad is also ill and in hospital. I’ve been struggling to get things going on my allotment but I’m determined to continue, my lovely husband and son have been amazing, thank you.

I love the peace and calm that my allotment gives me, even just sitting and watching the world go by calms the soul and brings me an enormous amount of joy.

I have quietly followed all of my favourite bloggers Postcard from Gibraltar, Life at no. 27, Coastal crochet and many, many more. You have all kept me smiling, laughing and thoroughly amused and entertained, thank all so much, the blogging community is brilliant.

So hopefully normal service will be resumed and I’m hoping to share some of my interests with you.

Big hugs and kisses to you all, enjoy easter ( don’t eat to much chocolate )

Sue xx