Stormy weather!

The rain started last Friday here in Derbyshire. Although,  yesterday afternoon it finally stopped, briefly. We were eager to check on our allotment so we decided to make the most of a pause in the showers. Bad idea, as soon as we arrived on site it started to spit with rain, hoping it would pass we checked our crops, everything seems to have enjoyed the recent downpours. Suddenly the heavens opened, we had thunder, lightning and torrential rain! All I can say is… thank goodness we have a shed to shelter in. We stood and watched the deluge for about an hour before we could make a dash for home.

Definitely not singing in the rain


I hope everyone else is enjoying better weather.


12 thoughts on “Stormy weather!

  1. Currently reading your post with thunder rumbling but no rain as yet, a few miles up the road are flooded out though so it won’t be long before it hits here. Good old British summer time !


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