What a difference

During our tea break on the plot this morning I suddenly thought of last year, in fact 10 months ago when we got our allotment. It’s been such a lovely journey so far. Hard work, cold, wet, back-breaking clearing and digging, but I really get what it’s all about. The challenge of growing your own, becoming part of the site community, friendship, sharing hints and tips, swapping plants and produce. But most of all being part of nature, sitting and enjoying the wildlife. Slowing down the pace of our often hectic lives. It’s not for everyone I know,  but give it a go if you can. All the family can enjoy pottering about.

Day 1 of my new allotment. July 2015
View from our shed 10 months on.



8 thoughts on “What a difference

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I have been very lucky that my husband and son have also embraced allotment life, so the work load has been shared. You have done amazingly well to turn your plot around on your own.


  1. Wow! What an achievement. I’ve half mine a year and a half now and it’s still overrun in areas 😕 I don’t let it get me down though despite having two jobs and doing it alone is pretty tough! Always focus on the progress and the future plans I tell myself 🙂


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment. I think you are doing an amazing job with your plot. Your life is so busy I’m amazed at what you have done. Your attitude is positive and inspiring, well done. I also work but I’m very lucky, my hubby helps me to maintain my plot. Although, he often hoes where he shouldn’t ! It’s always a laugh. 🌻


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. We have put a huge amount of time and effort, all enjoyable, into our allotment. It is now starting to pay off. We are harvesting early potatoes, broad beans, beetroot and strawberries.

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