Classics & Kittens

Hello, sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog. Its been such a busy few weeks.The allotment is doing very well, a bit wet and soggy most of the time. We have started to benefit from all the hard work that we have put in over the last 12 months. We are enjoying our early potatoes, broad beans, beetroot and a few juicy strawberries.

The weekend was spent at my brother’s and his partner’s lovely new house in Knowle, Solihull. It’s the first time we have managed to get away to see them.


We had a lovely time, as always. We visited the National Motorcycle Museum, amazing. The place is a must for anyone interested in the history and heritage of our motorcycle past, present and future. My husband was in his element, his wish list was huge! I had to point out that he has no room for another motorcycle, I think two is enough.

Ahhhhh moment.

We have a new addition to the family…Florence.

My brother and his partner have adopted a beautiful kitten. Unfortunately they went to collect her on Sunday lunchtime after we had left them for our journey home. He has been very kind and kept me up to date with plenty of pictures.


I hope she has a long and happy life and brings them lots of love and joy.

Stormy weather!

The rain started last Friday here in Derbyshire. Although,  yesterday afternoon it finally stopped, briefly. We were eager to check on our allotment so we decided to make the most of a pause in the showers. Bad idea, as soon as we arrived on site it started to spit with rain, hoping it would pass we checked our crops, everything seems to have enjoyed the recent downpours. Suddenly the heavens opened, we had thunder, lightning and torrential rain! All I can say is… thank goodness we have a shed to shelter in. We stood and watched the deluge for about an hour before we could make a dash for home.

Definitely not singing in the rain


I hope everyone else is enjoying better weather.

June is blooming

As you know, Wednesday is my day off work. Shopping done (which I personally hate) house work done, very quickly. The sun is shinning so a photo opportunity is calling. My garden is beginning to fill up with a wonderful colour palette of flowers.

Over the years, I have been trying to give my garden a cottage garden feel. I love that feeling of organised chaos which makes the garden feel full of colour and wildlife. Even the humble daisy and buttercup deserves a place.


My favourite flower today is the gorgeous yellow iris, she’s stunning.

Hope you all have a lovely day.


What a difference

During our tea break on the plot this morning I suddenly thought of last year, in fact 10 months ago when we got our allotment. It’s been such a lovely journey so far. Hard work, cold, wet, back-breaking clearing and digging, but I really get what it’s all about. The challenge of growing your own, becoming part of the site community, friendship, sharing hints and tips, swapping plants and produce. But most of all being part of nature, sitting and enjoying the wildlife. Slowing down the pace of our often hectic lives. It’s not for everyone I know,  but give it a go if you can. All the family can enjoy pottering about.

Day 1 of my new allotment. July 2015
View from our shed 10 months on.


Pictures from the plot

I’ve taken a few pictures of our plot today. Everything is growing well and we are hoping the weather will finally start to warm up.

With camera in hand, I decided to snap a few shots of the flowers in our garden.

Hope your gardens are beginning to fill with colour.

A new name for my blog

I’ve never come up with a proper name for my blog. I wanted something that was simple. I know it’s not very imaginative but I’ve decided to go for Crops & Crafts. Hopefully this will cover all the crafts I enjoy plus my updates from our allotment.

Flowers from the garden