Good Neighbours, sunshine & swaps

We have just spent a fantastic 4hours on the plot. Sunshine and good company. We have had a swap session. Our radishes are growing like mad, we have a glut, I’m delighted to say. So we swapped radishes for a couple of different plants, a jelly melon and a couple of chilli peppers, should be interesting. Our neighbour on number 5 is a James Wong fan, he grows some amazing weird and wonderful produce. I always take a flask, tea bags etc. I want to sit and enjoy a few minutes, at least.


What a wonderful quote.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.


2 thoughts on “Good Neighbours, sunshine & swaps

  1. Jelly Melon? I’m not sure myself! It’s a fruit that you scoop the contents out of to eat, tastes a bit like a banana! The fruits themselves are very ugly. I’m not sure how to look after it. If it grows I will put it on my blog.
    Best wishes


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