Allotment joy

I am enjoying life on the plot. Everything is growing well despite the ups and downs of the weather. Wednesday is my day off work and I have lots of jobs to catch up with, my blog being one of them. I remembered to take my camera to the plot this weekend so I can give you a little update by photograph.

We have three apple trees on our plot. Each one is different and we have no idea what varieties they are. One has cream blossom and the other two have beautiful blush pink blossom.

Shallots, cabbages and broad beans are all doing well.

Ravishing Radishes

Wow, we have a wonderful abundance of radishes. It’s the first time we have ever managed to grow more than a handful.

Around the plot we have a few wild flowers.

I know it’s a WEED but isn’t it beautiful !

I hope everyone else is enjoying their allotments.

Keep digging x


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