On the plot, at last.

It seems like the weather has been nothing but rain, rain, rain and more rain! At last the weather has improved if only in the afternoons. I’ve been able to start planting on the allotment. Potatoes, broad beans, onions and shallots are all in and it’s up to mother nature now. We’ve even managed to put up the runner bean and climbing french bean rows. We have acquired a couple of beds for my strawberry plants which are growing very nicely in the greenhouse.

Over the past week our Rhubarb patch has started to come to life. I hope the weather improves over the next few days and everyone can get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

            Even the Daffodils are enjoying the sunny afternoons

2 thoughts on “On the plot, at last.

  1. I’m so jealous of your plot, it looks wonderful. I’m still wrangling weeds in between rain/hail storms. I need a couple of dry weeks to get it all burnt. Keep up the good work x


  2. Thank you for your lovely comments. Our plot was just like yours last year. It was chest high with weeds and bindweed ! It’s taken months of hard back braking work to clear it. This year will be our first year of growing produce .
    Sue x


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