Sew far, Sew good

It’s very cold and frosty here in Derbyshire this morning so I have been spending my time being creative. A friend asked me to design and make an Owl cushion, her wish list was… something flowery, pink and cute! Not much to go on but I’ve been pottering.

With all the bits and pieces cut it’s time to start sewing.

After a great deal of thought and not a lot of planning I started to assemble the owl. I’m a bit of a make it up as you go along. Sometimes it works, not always.

Owl cushion

A little while later, cushion finished. At least it looks a little bit like an owl, it’s flowery, pink and hopefully cute. I’ve added a few felt flowers, buttons and a cute little charm of a bird house.

P.s I adore buttons and tend to put them somewhere on everything I make. A girl can never have to many buttons.


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