Meeting new people, Craft & chat

Craft & Chat

With the rain beating down, again, and the wind howling, it was a joy to pop along to a Craft & Chat. I’ve never been to a group like this before, especially a group of strangers! I loved it, nothing to fear, amazingly talented women. Rosie who ran the gathering is a Librarian at Eastwood library. She is an amazing needle felt artist, she let me have a go,I have to say, she has the patience of a saint. I’ve managed a sausage shape, apparently it is the beginning of something, not sure what. Will show you at a later date if I’m not too embarrassed ! And if I have any fingers left. Kassie makes beautiful handmade jewellery, a fascinating skill. I can’t wait to watch her create more items. Dora is the seamstress amongst us, she sews beautiful items. She has even quilted her own craft bag. Although I’ve only met them this morning it seems as though I’ve known them for ages. Thank you Rosie for bringing us together, roll on next month. If anyone out there is near Eastwood, Nottinghamshire and is free on the second Monday of the month, please come and join us.

P.s I took along my wool and hooks. You can never have enough Crochet squares.


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