Pure joy

Excitement this morning. The postman delivered the wool for my next project, 18 balls of beautifully sunny coloured wool. Since my best friend Sue ( an amazingly good crocheter ) taught me how to crochet last Easter I haven’t been able to put down my hooks!!! My wool supply is seriously depleted so this morning’s arrival from the Wool Warehouse is pure joy. This will be my third pack from them and to be honest I love the quality, colours and choice they offer. I’ve also managed to finish my latest project just in time for christmas, a 576 granny square mood blanket which made a large and beautiful cover for my bed. This was a huge project for a beginner but I’ve enjoyed every second. I’ve even managed to make a matching cushion with the odds and ends of wool that were left.

Attic 24 Sunny pack, this morning’s arrival.

The next few pictures are of my last project. I started a mood blanket many months ago. I hope you like it xx


Attic 24  Cosy pack & Harmony Pack
I love the mix of colours
Some of my mood squares.

4 thoughts on “Pure joy

  1. I love your finished blanket & cushion – they are really lovely. Good luck with the log cabin patchwork. I’ve done an Attic 24 granny stripe and am now finishing a Cosy stripe, I’m deliberating which one to have a go at next 🙂


    1. 💚 I’m so pleased you like my blanket&cushion. It’s great to get a lovely comment from such an accomplished fellow crocheter. I enjoy your blog, you are so talented. Your watercolour pictures are beautiful💜

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