Wild, Wet & Windy

Looking out of the window this morning at the weather I decided to have a day at home. First thoughts on the day’s events were…..spend the day crocheting, hooray.

Not a chance! Spring must be in the air.

I have:

Cleaned and sorted my kitchen cupboards.

Recycled glass jars, bottles and odd glasses that are no longer used.

Generally caught up with a mountain of jobs that needed to be done. I have to say I feel very happy and contented with my achievements.

Although one member of our family had a day off!image

Oh well, I shall sit down later and enjoy a bit of hooky time. Crochet joy, can’t wait.

P.s Whilst I’m writing this, the sun is trying to show it’s face.

Take care  xxx


Preloved & Perfect

How wonderful, sunshine and blue skies this morning. Perfect for a spot of retail therapy. I had every intention of spending the morning catching up on chores, no way, the sun was shining so a walk into town was a must. We only have three streets of shops but that’s enough to find little treasures. I’m a massive fan of preloved and charity shops, you can always find oddments of fabric or single balls of wool. My find this morning was a pretty blue cushion, perfect for my kitchen. Lots of other bits & pieces caught my eye but I am trying not to be tempted. I really do not have the storage room!


My lovely cushion is soooooooo cute.



One of my resolutions for 2016 is to update my blog more often. I am trying to sit down at least once a week and write something, no matter how small. Sometimes it’s difficult to find things that the reader may find interesting, but not today, we’ve had a sprinkling of snow in Derbyshire, what joy.

Just a sprinkling of snow

My garden always looks sad and unloved during winter but the snow makes it look pretty again. We sometimes look at our world, but we don’t always see.

As you know I recently had a delivery of wool, well my next project is well underway. I’m crocheting a lovely summer blanket, a design by Lucy at Attic 24. She is the most amazing crocheter, her blog is delightful and the way she uses colour is inspirational.

I am so happy to have found her blog and would like to say a huge thank you for being truly amazing.

Attic 24, Sunny pack

Although the pattern is for the Sunny Log Cabin blanket I have decided to crochet the Sunny Stripped blanket, one of Lucy’s patterns on her blog.

Well on my way

I’m totally addicted to crochet and this colour combination is so cheerful and bright. Although it’s cold and snowy outside, I’m thinking of spring and summer whilst I crochet away. My faithful old log burner needs some attention and then it’s back to my blanket.

Have a cosy and happy Sunday xxxx


Pure joy

Excitement this morning. The postman delivered the wool for my next project, 18 balls of beautifully sunny coloured wool. Since my best friend Sue ( an amazingly good crocheter ) taught me how to crochet last Easter I haven’t been able to put down my hooks!!! My wool supply is seriously depleted so this morning’s arrival from the Wool Warehouse is pure joy. This will be my third pack from them and to be honest I love the quality, colours and choice they offer. I’ve also managed to finish my latest project just in time for christmas, a 576 granny square mood blanket which made a large and beautiful cover for my bed. This was a huge project for a beginner but I’ve enjoyed every second. I’ve even managed to make a matching cushion with the odds and ends of wool that were left.

Attic 24 Sunny pack, this morning’s arrival.

The next few pictures are of my last project. I started a mood blanket many months ago. I hope you like it xx


Attic 24  Cosy pack & Harmony Pack
I love the mix of colours
Some of my mood squares.

Happy new year

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. Also I apologise for the lack of blogging on my behalf! I know many people make new year resolutions but I’m not really one of them, so it will be a list of things I would like to do.

1.Update my blog regularly

2.Enjoy the first full year on my allotment (weather permitting)

3.Improve my crochet technique !!!!!

4.Find time to enjoy everything around me, which means saying NO, something I find terribly hard to say.

Small steps but hopefully achievable. As I’m new to blogging, since July 2015, I have found some amazing blogs by some interesting people. their dedication and detail is inspiring.  I am looking forward to following their blogging journey over the next twelve months.

Bye for now x