Jam, chutney and pickles !

Everything in the garden and greenhouse is ripening quickly. Despite the weather being up and down, crops are doing very well. With an abundance of tomatoes, beetroot, courgettes and cucumbers it’s time to begin the chutney and pickles. The allotment,  although bare and ready for next spring is still giving us raspberries. Great more amazing jam. We have tried several different varieties of tomato, greenhouse and outdoor varieties this year, Black Truffle, Yellow plum and Gardener’s delight. I’m not sure what to make with the surplus toms, any ideas are welcome.

3 different tomato varieties. Black Yellow plum Grenader
3 different tomato varieties.
Black Truffle
Yellow plum
Gardener’s delight
Raspberry jam Courgette chutney Pickled beetroot
Courgette chutney
Pickled beetroot
Raspberry jam
Raspberry jam

2 thoughts on “Jam, chutney and pickles !

  1. Hello you, just spotted the pickled beetroot, I’ve been told someone close to you loves it on a cheese sandwich and has been known to eat it straight for the jar!


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