Sunday, day of rest.

Hi everyone.

First I would like to thank everyone who has sent me lovely positive and supportive messages regarding the hard work that has been invested in my new allotment, thank you xx

Friday and Saturday have been spent trying to clear to the end of our allotment. I’m delighted to say we have made it, hooray. We have found Raspberry bushes, Blackcurrants and best of all a massive patch of Rhubarb. We now have a clear idea of the size and growing area. I can’t wait until next year to begin planting and harvesting. It’s a long way off and we still have to decide what to grow, I would appreciate any hints and tips.

The big dig!
The big dig!

Please look at my Allotment page, I’ve posted updated pictures.


3 thoughts on “Sunday, day of rest.

  1. Wow, you must have worked hard! I remember it took months to properly clear our first overgrown allotment plot. You could always sow some salad leaves or oriental greens now to get a lovely harvest this year.


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