Dull and grey

It’s a dull and grey day outside so I’m adding some colour by crocheting this morning. A few weeks ago I received my order of wool from the Wool Warehouse.

Attic 24 cosy pack
Attic 24 cosy pack

Amazing quality wool, soft, beautiful colours and great value. A pack put together by the Wool Warehouse called Cosy. This is the start of my mood blanket. Each day I crochet at least 6 granny squares, they reflect the mood I’m in that day. I should end up with a beautiful blanket that is truly personal to me.

Some of my mood squares.
Some of my mood squares.

I’ve only learnt to crochet this year but am totally bitten by the bug. Below are some of my recent projects. I wanted to add to my patchwork quilt by making a lovely summery crochet blanket and cushions.

My first projects.
My first projects.

So that’s week one of my blog, hope you are enjoying it. Bye for the moment. Have lovely weekend.



2 thoughts on “Dull and grey

  1. Hi Sue, love the blanket and cushions, anything is possible in the world of crochet when you can turn a corner and stop going round in circles. One question, will cake be available if I’m passing the allotment. See you soon, your lovely friend.


  2. Hi Sue, Thank you for your lovely comments. I have to agree anything is possible but I struggled in an endless circle. With help from a fantastic friend I can now crochet a granny square and as you know I’m totally addicted. Tea and cake is always available, just pop in.
    Sue xx


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