Waffle, waffle



As you already know I’m new to crochet, so you can imagine my excitement when I learn a new stitch. Life on the allotment is slowing down as the season draws to an end, for us anyway. So, my thoughts have turned to Autumn and winter projects, I simply can’t sit and do nothing. Cushion covers, I am looking to create textured and interesting new covers. After looking at many, many blogs, I gained inspiration and chose waffle stitch ! Looks complicated. Amazing tutorials on you tube have helped me to crack this beautiful neat stitch, thank you to all the wonderful people who painstakingly show beginners like me how to achieve fantastic results. My cushion will be DK, stylecraft in mustard. Look out for my completed cushion, it may take a while. X

Sunny Sunday

It’s been glorious here in Derbyshire today, sunshine throughout the day, wonderful. I’ve spent most of the morning on our allotment. Picking runner beans, french beans, courgettes the size of marrows and lifting a few of our main crop potatoes (Desiree).  Since we began our allotment adventure I have kept a diary, mainly to remind me of what to do and when. I’ve heard many, many people comment about the early arrival of Autumn! Looking back through my diary it seems we are a little early with some crops. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same.

A wheel barrow full of crops. Beetroot, Tomatoes, French beans, Purple french beans, Runner beans and Sweetcorn..

Food for thought

Early start on the allotment today. Picking produce made me think about how wonderful it is to grow your own. In our busy lives we take so much for granted. The ease with which we visit the supermarket to buy everything we need, want or feel we should have. Being on the allotment allows you to think as well as chat to others and share produce. If only we shared more in our lives.


Bumper crops

Wow, it’s that busy, busy time of year again. The months are flying by! The weather has been fantastic which encourages all the wonderful crops on our allotment to produce more. It’s our 3rd year on our allotment and boy it’s hard work but very rewarding. I still love every minute, whether it’s hot, cold, sunny, wet or windy. We have a fantastic group of plot holders on our site, admittedly we are the smallest allotment site in this area, only 20 plots. Our site is a haven of peace and calm most of the time, we do have little issues to deal with, mostly the constant discussion about the use of weed-killers! I am totally against the use of weed killers or pesticides. Why would anyone what to destroy our environment and not to mention spray an area in which you want to grow edible foods. I’m sure every allotment site faces constant discussions that not everyone can agree on. We usually put these to the vote and thankfully reach an amicable conclusion. I would love to hear other people’s experinences of allotment life. I hope that you are all enjoying the wonderful weather and if you are on your allotments I hope it’s a place of peace and joy.

Sue x



Excitement……after may months of dithering. Finally I have ordered and received my Easiyo yogurt maker. We all enjoy eating yogurt in our family but the cost of good quality yogurt along with everything else is spiralling . My intention is to also make fruit puree toppings from the delicious abundance of fruit that our allotment provides. I’ve followed may other bloggers, who have made fantastic use of the different kinds of yogurt that can be produce from this wonderful gadget .

So here goes, first attempt.

Strawberry yogurt mix
  1. Simply add your chosen yogurt powder sachet to cold tap water, shake well to mix thoroughly. Strawberry is my first choice.
  2. image7
    Add boiling water to thermal container

    Add boiling water to the Easiyo maker, fill to just above the red baffle .

  3. image8
    Place mix inside Easiyo maker

    Make sure that your lid is secure on the pot of yogurt mix. Place carefully onto the baffle and put on the lid, turn until it clicks to guarantee that the Easiyo thermos is sealed.


  4. Leave for at least 16-24 hrs to set your yogurt mix. I left mine for about 20hrs, apparently the longer you leave it the thicker your yogurt will be. So fingers crossed.
  5. image10
    Finished strawberry yogurt

    Ta dah moment…………delicious thick strawberry yogurt. This needs to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours , can’t wait to try it. It is very easy and simple to use, I’m looking forward to many, many bowls of healthy breakfasts and deserts .

Allotment progress

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the start of the growing season, at last it’s here. I have spent many hours in my greenhouse nurturing seeds and finally the moment has arrived . Planting time, hooray.  I always enjoy following closely other gardening/allotment bloggers, it’s amazing how many varieties of vegetables, salad and fruit people grow, well done to all of you. Even a few carefully placed flowers look amazing on a plot.

My progress this year is a little slow but with the help of my wonderful hubby and son things are getting done. So far we have planted our early potatoes, Charlotte and International kidney. Main crop, our favourite Desiree also Pentland crown, we have never grown this variety before, so fingers crossed. We have also just transplanted our peas into their final growing place. Cabbages and cauliflowers have also been planted. Onions and shallots got off to a flying start but a severe frost last week put the poor things into shock!

We have also planted a row of broad beans and to fill a space at the front of the plot we have chosen a blueberry and a  gooseberry bush. I could resist these during a recent visit to Wilko. So good look to everyone, lets hope the sun shines and a little rain falls. Personally I’m really looking forward to another year on the allotment.IMG_0006



Sorry I’ve not been around

Apple tree blossom

I’m so sorry that I have not been blogging since the new year! It’s been a tough start to 2017. I’ve been really quite ill which is very unusual for me, but I am pleased to say things are improving gradually. My dad is also ill and in hospital. I’ve been struggling to get things going on my allotment but I’m determined to continue, my lovely husband and son have been amazing, thank you.

I love the peace and calm that my allotment gives me, even just sitting and watching the world go by calms the soul and brings me an enormous amount of joy.

I have quietly followed all of my favourite bloggers Postcard from Gibraltar, Life at no. 27, Coastal crochet and many, many more. You have all kept me smiling, laughing and thoroughly amused and entertained, thank all so much, the blogging community is brilliant.

So hopefully normal service will be resumed and I’m hoping to share some of my interests with you.

Big hugs and kisses to you all, enjoy easter ( don’t eat to much chocolate )

Sue xx